Geek’s way to say things

developer's way to say things

We geeks often have our own ways to express, which might be too geeky for normal people to understand.

Here are some general guides to help you communicating with your geek friends (at least knowing what they are thinking about… )

1. “X is a subset of Y.”


Spoken by Computer Scientists to say that X is a kind of Y, but Y is not X.

Real life examples:
“Matcha is a subset of Green Tea. They are different!”

2.  “It is compiling!”

An synonym of “I am taking a rest and don’t f**king bother me”.

Often used by C++ and Java developers.

(Or in Oursky office, it would be “Travis is building!”)


3. “I am still setting up the environment…”

pip install

Same meaning as “I have been surfing the web and haven’t done anything last few hours”

Often used by Javascript and Python developers.

4.  “I am writing tests.”

“I have put up garbages but don’t know if it works or not.”

5.  “I am refactoring this”


Seasoned developer: “I was feeling lazy when I wrote these, now that I have to maintain it, I am better off rewriting this”

Newbie developer: “I didn’t know what I am doing… wait! I think I do now! Meh… no, wait! ”

(PM:  “Give me the build ASAP!”)

6.  “This is out of our scope”

Seasoned developer: “You don’t know what you’re saying, dude.”
Newbie developer: “I don’t know what you’re saying, but it sounds like a lot of work.”


Well, if you are one of those geeks out there and have your own way saying things, PLEASE SHARE WITH US!

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