Updating React Navigation’s navigation bar title with a scene object

NOTE: This version is based on React Navigation 1.0.0-beta.6

After moving to React Native Navigation

In a previous post, we shared how we restructured an app with React Navigation. We loved how Navigation could route and transit our app flow. We resolved our previous problem with Navigator, which suffered performance problems once more operations were added to the JS Thread. But then we encountered another issue with React Navigation’s rendering of our navigation bar. In this piece below, we outline how we introduced the scene object to update the navigation bar content.
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Augmented Reality Store on iOS: Leveraging the ARKit

So, of course, half our team was up checking out the latest specs and implications of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Our QA team is already looking at navigation bar breaks the iPhone X simulator. But we’ve also been testing out other announcements this year from Apple beyond just the iPhone, such as the new ARKit. The iPhone X is a whole new ballgame for UX design, but the even bigger news for developers who want to get into mobile AR is their revolutionary ARKit, which democratizes augmented reality for development.
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