An Opensourced Recipe for Intializing Redux x Android Native Apps

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For syncing project structure and frameworks, a case for using Redux

As a software development agency, Oursky handles many simultaneous projects that include mobile and web apps, code diagnostics, and research projects to name a few. In order to allow team members to initialize or switch projects efficiently, the team uses the Redux framework for web apps. However the multiple states problem not only happens on web platforms, but is also common in apps. That’s why we also extended the Redux pattern to platforms such as iOS and Android and built an Android skeleton for our internal use. Continue reading “An Opensourced Recipe for Intializing Redux x Android Native Apps”

Offline-First: No More Network Connection Error

The Internet seems to be always available nowadays. Thanks to the mobility of phones and tablets, mobile app developers can design their apps with a variety of features that assume the Internet connection is stable and let users experience tithe unleash the power of the convenient and efficient network services. Social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are good examples. However, how would theses apps function when there is no stable internet connection?

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Journey Through Agile Test Automation

For QA in an agile development team, SPEED is everything. It is a game on a high-speed roundabout, developers introduce new features and fixes every day, and you better test everything before the next iteration. Besides the new features or fixes, you still need to handle a full UI regression smoke test, how is that possible? Hire more staff? Test automation is a way out for smart teams, and that’s what we do at Oursky.
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Hands on Realm Database for Android projects

In one of the Android app projects at Oursky, we started using Realm for data caching. So users won’t have to look at blank pages when they log back to the app, waiting for remote API results.

We think it’s a minimalistic yet reliable solution, and is worth giving it a shot for your next app. Just beware of the differences between versions, follow the conventions, and pay extra attention when using with other libraries.

More is discussed below in details and with example snippets.

What is Realm?

Realm Database
Realm Database

Realm is the mobile database solution that  proposed as  a replacement for SQLite & Core Data.

It’s like using SQLite with an ORM (as those who used SQLAlchemy may have experience), with a lot of awesome and convenient methods for data transactions.

However, Realm is NOT built on top of SQLite. It persists on its own persistence engine.

Realm is  also cross-platform that supports both iOS and Android, so developers who write Java, Swift, Objective-C can share the same Realm files painlessly.

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