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An IoT Side Project: Chima-open-door

When Oursky moved into a new office in Lai Chi Kok, my colleagues discovered that there was no guide to reset the door lock left by the last tenant. Firstly, we were too cheap to replace it, and secondly, it was a great chance to implement an open door feature with some new tech (fiddling with a bit of IoT). (Ok! I admit it is a bit over-engineered! But we just love it!) I also hope no one needs to get up to open the door when the doorbell rings. Ever.

By the way, I’m Steven, a 3-year Ourskyer specializing in web and native iOS app development. Chima Open Door is one of Oursky’s many side projects — some for fun, and some that actually make money!

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Using Tensorflow and Support Vector Machine to Create an Image Classifications Engine

In this post, we are documenting how we used Google’s TensorFlow to build this image recognition engine. We’ve used Inception to process the images and then train an SVM classifier to recognise the object. Our aim is to build a system that helps a user with a zip puller to find a matching puller in the database. This piece will also cover how the Inception network sees the input images and assess how well the extracted features can be classified. Continue reading

11 Command Line Tips That You Probably Missed

A list of command line tips to optimize your terminal experience. All the recommended features are linked to their appropriate sources. Continue reading

Offline-First: No More Network Connection Error

The Internet seems to be always available nowadays. Thanks to the mobility of phones and tablets, mobile app developers can design their apps with a variety of features that assume the Internet connection is stable and let users experience tithe unleash the power of the convenient and efficient network services. Social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are good examples. However, how would theses apps function when there is no stable internet connection?

“No Network” bugs are hard to dig out.

When an app puts cloud services as its major selling point, it would be often running into various Network Connection Errors. You will see a lot of these issues from the bug report from testers.

The problem only scales up with the project size. And – it makes developers headache – it is hard to gid out all “No Network” related bugs. Often, apps are developed at a company that serves ultra-high performance network.

Developers cannot react quick to fix problem will have to receive “1-star rating App Reviews” on App Store or Play Store hopelessly.

Do not assume the Internet is always reachable.

Start building an app with the Online-First pattern does speed up the progress in early stage development, yet it might become a crisis in a later stage. If your apps rely heavily on the Internet connection, you should be more proactively take network instability problems into account earlier. Hence, the concept “offline-first” was introduced.

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