Software Testing World Cup 2016 Recap: 7 Critical Learnings You May have Missed

Oursky QA Team

Last week, while people were thinking about the weekend, 4 Ourskyers got together to join the Software Testing World Cup 2016 (STWC) Asia Competition,  one of the leading events for the software testing community. Testers from all over the world will team up and join the competition to train up their skills and take home the crown. Roy, Oliver, Ten and I (Joyz) come from different positions in Oursky formed a 1-day team to join this exciting opportunity. I’d like to share with you the things we learned during the 3 hours we had against the rest of the world to test a mobile app.
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Dissecting Famous Egg Dropping Puzzle

egg dropping puzzle
The egg dropping puzzle was one of the key interview questions in Google

Egg Dropping Puzzle (2-egg, 100-floor version)

“Figure out the highest floor of a 100-floor building an egg can be dropped without breaking,  given two eggs”

The Egg Dropping Puzzle is a mathematical puzzle that has been around the internet for some time now, which is known to be adopted in interviews of major companies like Google, Microsoft, Accenture and even Hewlett Packard.

You are to determine the minimum number of attempts required in the worst case scenario to find the critical floor.


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Geek’s way to say things

developer's way to say things

We geeks often have our own ways to express, which might be too geeky for normal people to understand.

Here are some general guides to help you communicating with your geek friends (at least knowing what they are thinking about… )

1. “X is a subset of Y.”


Spoken by Computer Scientists to say that X is a kind of Y, but Y is not X.

Real life examples:
“Matcha is a subset of Green Tea. They are different!”

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