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Software Testing World Cup 2016 Recap: 7 Critical Learnings You May have Missed

Last week, while people were thinking about the weekend, 4 Ourskyers got together to join the Software Testing World Cup 2016 (STWC) Asia Competition,  one of the leading events for the software testing community. Testers from all over the world will team up and join the competition to train up their skills and take home the crown. Roy, Oliver, Ten and I (Joyz) come from different positions in Oursky formed a 1-day team to join this exciting opportunity. I’d like to share with you the things we learned during the 3 hours we had against the rest of the world to test a mobile app.
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Journey Through Agile Test Automation

For QA in an agile development team, SPEED is everything. It is a game on a high-speed roundabout, developers introduce new features and fixes every day, and you better test everything before the next iteration. Besides the new features or fixes, you still need to handle a full UI regression smoke test, how is that possible? Hire more staff? Test automation is a way out for smart teams, and that’s what we do at Oursky.


The basic aim of Test Automation is to replace repetitive human work with computers.

So, to get started, all you need to do is no more than wrapping up your existing test plans, and to decide which parts are to be automated. If you already have a comprehensive test plan, with step-by-step test cases and well-defined expected results, congratulations! You are perfectly ready for automation.

Or else, some preparation are needed.

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Top 10 Mobile App UX Design Mistakes

We’ve been dealing with many many different apps. App quality and usability are always our core values we never settle for less.

There are some common UX mistakes that engineers often overlooked. Getting these discovered and handled, one can build greater apps.

Get ready, here are our top 10:

10. Long text is too long in a text field

You’ve probably met this before. Long text can be really loooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

It’s not the text’s fault.

It’s the text field couldn’t handle that.

Long text handling

Yet, there are ways to deal with that:

  • Truncate the text.
  • Overflow the text field, make it scroll.
  • Expand the text field.
  • Limit the text length!

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