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Dockerizing our Python stack

… and it didn’t benefit that much.

Everyone in the DevOps community should have already heard about Docker.

There are always sysAdmin coming around and telling you how Docker has made his life easier, how well the automation goes or how lightweight the containers are…

So, what is Docker trying to solve?

Basically, Docker wraps up your application and all the dependencies required into a complete filesystem, that becomes a Docker Image. The next step is all about shipping this container to your production infrastructure, let it be AWS, Heroku or other servcies.

Back in the Pre-Docker age, every SysAdmin implements his own solution to package and deploy applications.

A small scale online shop might use git to deploy code and virtualenv to contain applications in an isolated environment. There were also existing solution providers – Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk, Google AppEngine and others services, having their own proprietary way for packaging and deploying applications.

Now, all the configurations and environment settings are standardized in the Docker Container, which actually saves loads of time for developers dealing with the repetitive setup and maintenance.


(ref. https://www.docker.com/whatisdocker)

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Human-and-cat-friendly ChatOps at Oursky

As mentioned in our previous post, at Oursky, we use Travis CI to build, test and automatically deploy our software applications. While the command line control has been super developer-friendly, we should also care about the feelings of less technical roles in the team, say PM, QA, and Designers. 🙂

Hence, we introduced Chima and Faseng, both are bots to assist the deployment process. (For cats in our office, see this post.)

What is ChatOps?

We learnt about this from GitHub — its open source chat bot (Hubot) for ops: automating deployment, graphing, monitoring, provisioning, tweeting, and many other things.

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